Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Small changes
On the most recent night session I went on I had a nice 12 pounder after spodding out some bait and fishing the method over the top just as it was getting dark.  However, I had more bleeps and one was defiantly a fish that had picked up the bait and dropped it. What added to my frustration was my brother was having more runs than me and having some nice upper doubles. There were defiantly fish in my swim but I was not connecting. With carp fishing there are many variables and sitting watching Thinking Tackle on sky sports it can seem very daunting as there is so much to think about. Line concealment; anti eject rigs, flying back leads, all the paraphernalia associated with carp fishing. While it is clear that small changes and adjustments to the fishing tackle can help I always think it is best to start with the basics. At the end of the session I came to the conclusion that my main problem was that the hooks had become dull. I had fallen into the trap of the lazy carp angler. Rods all made up and did not change the hook length. It’s a school boy error and one which I have learnt from. The lesson is before trying to think about complicated rig set up make sure you have done the basics right.

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