Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Winter 2018

Well the year has turned and it’s time to reflect on the first part of my winter fishing. To be honest I am only counting from November as October 2018 was really a continuation of summer, temps up to 19 degrees C during the day, sunny and warm so not like winter at all. November found me on the Waveney around Bungay. Pike up to 6 pound were in abundance using a wobbled deadbait. A session using a light quiver tip produced plenty of roach and dace. December I did a night session for carp in Essex on a gravel pit and was happy with a fully scaled mirror carp of ten pounds. Not a big fish but so beautiful. At the end of December I had a couple of sessions at Ellingham Hall lakes Norfolk. I fished with punched bread and worms as bait and fed liquidised bread. Plenty of roach and rudd along with small perch were caught as well as some small carp up to three and a half pounds.

I feel that in winter it’s really important for me to catch fish. In the summer I may take a risk and try some challenging waters as even if I don’t catch at least it’s pleasant and warm. Winter when you are not catching is hard for the soul. I am now planning to try rivers again and deciding what to go for is part of the fun for me. Happy New year everyone and tight lines.

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