Thursday, 22 August 2013


Just a short post as i have been so busy. I have been doing some fishing recently. The last time i was out i was fishing my syndicate lake with Pat. It was during this session that i noticed a change in how i approach my fishing. In the past, if I was not doing well I would often get frustrated and keep recasting to new areas. This time i knew that i had found a clear spot along side very heavy weed. I did not want to risk a recast and not be able to find the clear spot again. I did not overfeed but popped out about 10 boilies every so often. That was all I did. Pat and i did discuss moving as we were getting no indications. However, we did not move and my reward came in the shape of a nice 15 pound mirror carp. Discussing it with Pat later he said that if your in a fishy looking spot on a smallish lake it is sometimes best to trust that a take will come. Maybe i am becoming more patient as i get older.