Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brentwood carp show January 2013.

Went to the Carp show Sunday 27th with Pat and Ian. I don’t really do fishing shows and this was my first one for 10 years, the last time was at the Go fishing show at the NEC. As Pat kindly offered to drive I really couldn’t say no and with strict instructions to keep a lid on the credit cards we set off across the flooded landscape of Essex to Brentwood. Two halls packed with exhibits showing off all the wonderful and new products and baits greeted me, as did the masses of blokes in green wandering around the show grounds. It was a chance for Pat and Ian to see old mates who they bumped into regularly. We also were able to hand out a few cards for Ians carp fishery in France, Etang de Vost. 

The great and the good were in evidence including Kevin Nash, Terry Hearn and Lee Jackson to name but a few. There were talks and demonstrations that we more or less avoided. I mostly went around picking up rods i could not afford, lying on bed chairs i had no intention of buying and going in bivvies that were big enough to live in.  I have to say i enjoyed the atmosphere and did pick up some new scopex and squid pop up boilies that i just know will catch me a 20 pounder. Overall the experience has got me looking forward to the new year and hopefully some big carp to show for my efforts. By the way Ian’s lake in France is very reasonable and he will even drive you there if you want, take a look here


  1. Ive havent been to a Carp Show yet, they like look a great day out, must be a dream come true, a huge warehouse the size of Essex crammed full of fishing gear!

    1. Yes mate and if i was not so broke from Christmas i could have spent a fortune, great atmosphere

  2. I can imagine, I walk into my local tackle shop for half pint of maggots and end up spending £40 every time!!!!