Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Celebrity Anglers and What We Can Learn.

Celebrity Anglers and What We Can Learn.

I have always loved fishing programmes and over the years have watched all the great guys who catch fish for the camera.  I have been lucky to be able to meet some of my angling heroes like John Wilson, Matt Hayes and Mick Brown.  What has occurred to me is what these anglers can bring to our own fishing. It can be that we look at these guys and think they are so good we might as well give up as we can never be as good as that. However, I think that the opposite is true. I have always managed to fish off their confidence. Many years ago I watched John Wilson catch a chub from a tiny  river that looked no more than a trickle. Inspired I went off to the tiny river Wid armed with a quiver tip and some lob worms, to fish for chub myself. I followed what John had said and stalked some likely looking swims. Head high stinging nettles did not put me off. To my delight and wonder I hooked and landed a nice chub of just under 3 pounds. This started a love affair with stalking chub that I still have to this day.

With social networking there are more opportunities to engage with these top anglers.. One person has taken this to a new level. Adam Penning was the one of the main and best presenters on Thinking Tackle. Recently he has moved into guiding carp anglers. Adam’s knowledgeable presence on screen has already made better anglers out of many of us. Now taken to Twitter he readily makes himself available to answer questions and is very generous with his time. Carp angling can be daunting to us mere mortals who want to improve our PB’s. Advice that Adam gives freely on twitter is  invaluable and his guiding business should take off big time. Great communication skills coupled with a passion and deep knowledge is hard to come by and Adam has every quality that is required. Adam can be contacted on @@askpenners  on twitter and on Facebook

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